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Hiring temporary staff can be a great solution to your fluctuating staffing requirements. If your business is seasonal or project-oriented, hiring a temp agency in Vancouver is the best thing you can do. Temporary labour agencies offer temporary staffing, which can help you maintain adequate staff levels and relieve the hassles related to recruitment, coordinating, worker orientation, scheduling, and onboarding tasks. It also eliminates the load of payroll administration and maintenance.

However, all these benefits can only be obtained if you choose the right temp agency in Vancouver. This decision is critical to ensure your business ultimately benefits from the service. But how do you pick the best agency for you? Read this to know.

Resources and expertise

Determine if the agency you are considering is a general staffing agency or specialises in a certain area. For instance, if you want the labour for your manufacturing plant, you must look for an agency that has worked in this sector. A specialised agency can better determine the right fit and skill sets that can satisfy your needs to get the job done. General staffing agencies are great for those who require non-skilled labour that requires no training. A specialised labour agency will have a better quality of potential candidates and will better understand your business’ market, project needs, and labour requirements.


Check the agency’s reputation to ensure they can handle the job well and will not expose you to liability. You can learn about an agency’s reputation by examining its client base. If they have long-standing clients, it may be a good sign which indicates that they maintain a solid reputation. Also, a strong social media presence across various platforms can be a good indicator. You also need to determine what kind of projects or companies they have supplied labour for and what projects they worked on. Identify if they can handle high volume and multiple shifts and check if they have enough experience that fits your project criteria. This will ensure the quality and quantity of their labour pool.

Recruitment process

Before hiring teh temporary labour, examine your own hiring practices and check if they align with your chosen staffing agency. Provide specific training to the workers. You may ask the labour agency what training they provide to the selected candidates and if they can accommodate a new training specific to your operation. This is an important condition to ponder over before you finalise a deal.


A poor decision when choosing a temporary labour agency can harm your own reputation. Even if the workers provided by the agency are their employees, you still need to be aware that various possible liabilities can hurt your company’s bottom line and reputation. If the agency does not pay the workers adequately, you may be responsible for it in certain cases. If the agency does not remit payroll taxes, HST, etc., your name may also be tied to it.

To conclude

So ensure that you include the above consideration in your temp agency hiring process so your project works smoothly with trained staff. The workers will also get paid in cash, and the liabilities do not affect your reputation.

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