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Cyclists, School Buses, Pedestrians, Accidents, Road Construction-There’s a lot between the commercial driver and the destination. Navigating a route does more than just reaching from  point A to point Z, and covering all points in between. Every day is different and requires elegance under pressure and high tolerance to unforeseen circumstances.

How can you successfully hire a commercial driver meeting all your needs and standards? Labourco can help. We have successful commercial drivers having the skills, backgrounds and qualifications you are looking for.

If you are looking for a Class A or B CDL driver, Labourco is the place to call. We meet your company’s needs for superior drivers. Heart of our mission is to provide good drivers to good companies. Our approach to this service fosters a personal business style and is a major reason for our success.

We are familiar with drivers and all shipments are carefully based on the strengths of the driver and the detailed needs of each customer. Labourco places great importance on driver safety. Our safety officer is certified and is familiar with implementing best practices and providing clients with ongoing regulatory advice. With 30 years of experience, we are constantly learning, growing and always striving for excellence.


Drivers You Can’t Find Elsewhere!!

Temporary Driver Services

Imagine finding the perfect CDL driver instantly without headaches. Labourco has maintained an extensive network of hundreds of best Class A and Class B professionals across Canada. Our truck drivers have been working for us for an average of 8 years-at Labourco you get a reliable driver. We Guarantee You: We will quickly find the right driver for you.

We Carefully ScreenTemporary Drivers

For all drivers, we store a printed and electronic DQF (Driver Qualification File) and PSP (Pre-Employment Screening Program) report so that You can be sure of all our drivers meeting or exceeding your recruitment criteria. The best part is that Labourco drivers have a “can do” attitude.

Seasonality is Our Specialty

Does your company have a busy season every year? If so, Labourco help you get over these busy times. You will be freed from the burden of hiring class A and B drivers. Labourco provides highly skilled drivers to ensure predictable business continuity.

Permanent Drivers

Do you feel distracted by your critical business while focusing your time and energy on finding permanent drivers, implementing safety programs, and managing ever-changing permanent driver requirements? Freed yourself of these worries. We choose permanent drivers for you based on the right skills and experience, personality fit, and their interest level. Our drivers know that we care not only about who we hire, but also about the customers we place them with. Our permanent drivers are extremely experienced, with clean driving records, good references, and a “can do” attitude.

Labourco will take this away from you

multiple requests for help
Bombing unqualified applicants
Numerous phone screenings
Too many interviews
Infinite background check

Why Choose Our Drivers?

  • Possess Patience
  • Have flexibility (especially when navigating irregular and unpredictable traffic conditions and routes)
  • Willingness to comply with regulations and rules
  • Consistency and Truth in Retaining Mechanical Skills
  • Ability to communicate with dispatchers and dispatchers logs and reports
  • Adaptability to new technologies (especially those involving communication and surveillance)

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