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General labour starts at  $26 an hour!

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The term, ‘general labour’ took birth in the manufacturing sector, where it was utilised to describe any sort of physical, but uncomplicated labour.

As of today, general labour terms are in a variety of sectors including landscaping, construction, and cleaning industries.

General labour jobs Vancouver BC offer you an hourly pay and may require you to work on a daily basis.

The Job of a General Labourer

The tasks involved in general labour require a degree of physicality, but it is not strictly physical labour.

The general labourers may be asked to complete a range of tasks – some are easy, and others are non-complex. The labourer might need some training to ensure that the task is done efficiently.

The job may not have prerequisites like specialised training or a degree. These general labourers usually assist contractors. However, the job is still relevant as contractors also need helping hands for the job.

Tasks may vary from one workplace to another. General labourers might need some training to learn how to use power drills, blowtorches, and so on.

If they are in a factory setting, they may need to deliver certain materials and use forklifts.

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When in the cleaning industry, the labourers might have to indulge in scrubbing of floors and waxing machines. This may also require them to use brooms and mops.

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Who Hires General Labourers?

General labourers can be found in certain industries, but these days every industry is employing general labourers.

Most of the jobs are in manufacturing or construction.

A store might hire janitorial services to come and clean and wax the floor every night. An office may hire someone to mow the lawn and keep the flowerbeds fresh. Painting and cleaning windows is another job that a general labourer might do.

How to become a General Labourer in Vancouver?

There is no shortage of general labour Vancouver jobs, but there are some prerequisites that you need to fulfil.
Firstly, you need to have a work permit to work in Canada. The labourer should be able to work legally in Canada. The prerequisite is to be able to commit to full-time or part-time work.
Everything else can be taught or learned.

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