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A general labourer is a construction site employee that performs tasks like material preparation, site cleaning and supporting skilled tradespersons. They help promote safety and efficiency on a site, which is important for completing a job quickly and offering high-quality delivery. This post will help you learn about the duties of general labourers to help you decide whether a career in this area fits your qualifications and skills if you want to be a part of the general labour in Vancouver.


Most employers require you to complete high school to qualify for labourer’s roles. So you need to earn a high school diploma focusing on subjects like science, maths, safety, building technology, and structures so that you understand the basics of construction and possible labourer duties. Attending a specialised trade school can help you increase your value to employers and develop a nuanced understanding of construction and building. If you want to work more closely with other professionals as a part of general labour in Vancouver, you may also learn plumbing, carpentry, and welding.   


Work experience is important when deciding whether you will follow a career in the construction industry, and to help you improve your resume by providing details to fill the work experience section. After completing your education, you can gain work experience by applying to various construction sites and implementing your knowledge. Two years of experience is usually sufficient to qualify for most labourer’s roles. But having more experience can improve your job application chances and assist you with negotiating better pay.


General labourers require technical and soft skills, including specialised knowledge or expertise learnt from school. These skills help to perform specific job-related tasks like mixing materials and handling construction equipment. Soft skills are the personality traits that enable you to collaborate with various personnel on the site. The core skills that labourers use in their daily activities include the following:

  • Labourers should know about construction and understand the basics of building construction to contribute actively to a construction project. These basic skills include permits, planning, construction site preparation, superstructure construction and foundation construction.
  • Knowledge of health and safety issues is necessary for ensuring the safety and well-being of other professionals on the construction site. Also, it enables you to comply with local standards and regulations and avoid lawsuits.
  • Fitness and stamina: labour work means a considerable amount of your day will be spent bending, walking, standing, and running. Hence, you must have physical strength and stamina to enable them to sustain all these activities while maintaining their health and well-being.
  • The collaboration includes proficiencies like verbal and written communication skills, emotional intelligence, and active listening. Labourers should also work alongside others to contribute to the project’s goals.


This generally involves classroom studies and on-job-training under the supervision of a certified construction professional. After completing the apprenticeship, you may receive hourly payment for work you perform on the construction site.

To conclude

After completing all of the qualifications, you can apply for certification to let our employer know you are a skilled professional. It also helps them determine your commitment level to the field.

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