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Daily jobs require manpower. Industries hire general labourers for different tasks at factories and construction sites.

The demand for general labourers is increasing day by day. The everyday duties include loading/unloading, cleaning, assisting painters, construction workers, digging, filling, scaffolding, and so on.

Industries need manpower in Burnaby for smooth operation. If you are looking for a general labourer job opportunity or need general labourers for your site, LabourCo offers both.

Labour requirements keep coming because efficient hands are always needed for daily tasks.

General Manpower in Burnaby Responsibilities and Duties

Maintaining a safe, clean, and efficient construction site is the duty of a general labourer. Here is the list of duties and responsibilities for manpower or general labourers:

  • Preparation of construction site
  • Unloading and loading equipment and materials
  • Taking down temporary structures and scaffolding
  • Backfilling holes and digging trenches
  • Operating heavy equipment and machinery
  • Reporting to supervisors
  • Assist skilled professionals in their duties.

If an individual can perform these duties, many factories and construction sites would be glad to get them on board for a temporary job.

Qualifications Required for Manpower in Burnaby

General labourers require the following qualifications:

  • Should have a Class 5 Driver’s licence.
  • Should have an understanding of small tools and power tools.
  • Should be able to perform physical tasks such as lifting, moving heavy materials, shovelling, etc.
  • Must be able to work in challenging environments.
  • Ability to manage any seasonal or weather interruptions during the work schedule.

A Winning Workforce is POSSIBLE in Today’s Era

Different industries want to hire the right general labourers for the job. Most of them are temporary – on a project-to-project basis.

LabourCo understands that manual labour is needed in different sectors, and industries are looking for a winning workforce.

Anyone looking for general labour jobs must know that industries offer equal opportunities to all applicants. You will not be judged or discriminated against based on gender, sex, nationality, age, or ethnicity.

LabourCo ensures that everyone gets a fair opportunity, especially those with the skills and necessary qualifications.

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