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Snow Removal Made Simple!!

Homeowners know that snow and ice will wreak havoc on a house, if not properly removed during the winter months. Labourco provides snow removal services to keep your home safe and the lawn beautiful in the winter and upcoming seasons. We also offer snowplowing services to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, decks and patios.

Snow looks good, but removing it can cause stress and headaches. Removing snow without the help of a specialist can lead to minor and serious accidents and injuries. Removing all the snow around the house can be a tedious task for homeowners as well. Therefore, hiring a professional snow removal service is the best option for your personal and commercial real estate. Our team uses advanced and effective equipment to speed up the snow removal process. Whether it’s a record snowfall or a regular annual snowfall, Labourco’s experts are specialists in dealing with any snowfall event.

Labourco’s experienced snow removal services are here to help you in an an efficient and affordable manner. We are just a call or click away!

Personal and Commercial Snow Removal

Winter Weather Does Not Take a Vacation and Neither Does Labourco!!

We start snow removal with evaluation. We come to your home and identify lawn features, curbs and other obstacles that may be hidden under the snowfall. Then we mark these spots so that the plow does not destroy the features of the landscape.

When we are ready to provide a snow removal service, you can expect the following:

  • Continuous Weather Monitoring-Continuous monitoring of local weather data allows us to predict when snow removal services will be needed. 
  • Staff and Equipment on Standby-We ensure we are ready to go when required for snow removal,or snow shoveling
  • Calibration of Snow Removal Equipment -We regularly calibrate the equipment by monitoring the dew point and the temperature of the surrounding asphalt. This helps us avoid excessive salting and work efficiently.
  • Device Monitoring with GPS Tracking-Because we take snow removal seriously, we use GPS to track all our devices to make sure they are working properly. We ensure job is being done and done well!!

Our Services

  • One-Time Snow Removal – One-time snowplows or shovels can be ordered from us. This is an on-demand service that is paid for each visit
  • Automated Snow Removal – In the event of a 5 cm or 2 inch snowfall, a pre-assigned Labourco professional worker will be automatically dispatched to serve your home.
  • Add-On Walkway Clearing – Snow Removal Service has the option of adding a front door, stairs, front landing, side entrance, and city sidewalk snow removal service at a fixed price.

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Winter storms can be powerful however they are no match for professional team of Labourco!!

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